Terms of Hire
Required for Rental

Car Rental booking: A 10% deposit is required to reserve any booking.(Cancellation Fees are applied)

• Original Driver's License from country of issue. 
• Cost of Rental (Payable by Credit Card - VISA,  AMERICAN EXPRESS or MASTERCARD accepted or Cash with a deposit). 
• Optional Extra Protection - EP 
• Local Driver's Permit is Mandatory. 
• Other Additional Charges. 
Other Conditions 
Hirer/Driver must be over 25 year of age and have been the holder of a driver's license for no less than three years. Person's over 65 years of age must supply a doctor's certificate. 
A Local permit is absolutely necessary; this can be issued by our representative. Please note that your original driver's licence from your country of issue must be presented at the time of the rental. 
Insurance (Massy United Insurance Ltd.): All vehicles are covered by insurance.
Optional Extra Protection (E.P.) is available and recommended. 
If E.P. is declined, the hirer accepts full responsibility up to US$3,500 for loss, damage. or loss of the vehicle caused by accident, fire or theft, regardless of who is at fault. 
If E.P. is accepted, responsibility for damages is reduced to USD $350.00 providing the vehicle is operated in accordance with all conditions of our contract. E.P. does not cover damage to tires/rims/vehicle canvas tops or cigarette burns to upholstery. 

Delivery/Pick Up 
Delivery is free of charge  
Airport Locations 
~George F L Charles Airport 
~Hewanorra International Airport 
-Rodney Bay Marina
~Guests' Hotel (Arrange via email in advance, extra charge)
Other Charges 

Gas/Extra Driver/ Baby Seats are additional charges that may be added to your bill. 
Prepaid Reservation Policies - Pay Now 
By booking a prepaid rate, the payment will be charged before the start of rental with the estimated total amount of the rental (rental charge plus any other agreed charges and taxes for the full agreed rental period). The driver and confirmed method of payment shall be finalized at the time of reservation and cannot be changed. The confirmed method of payment has to be valid and available for presentation at the time of pick up and is subject to the conditions of payment above. All extra costs that occur during the car rental will be charged to this payment method. A refund shall not be issued for non-collection, vehicle being collected late or returned early. 
A prepaid booking can be changed up to 72 hours before the start of the rental (depending on availability). An alteration fee of 10%  applies. Any payment already made towards the rental will not be refunded; nor shall any differential amount be refunded if this alteration leads to a lesser rental cost. Any changes made to a prepaid reservation may impact the rental rate. 
A prepaid booking can be cancelled before the start of the rental. In the event of a cancellation, any refund of the payment made towards the rental is subject to a cancellation fee. For reservations with a rental period lasting no more than three days, the total prepaid amount is non-refundable. For reservations with a rental period lasting more than three days: The first three days are non-refundable, the remaining days will be refunded. 
In the event that the booked vehicle is not collected or not collected at the agreed time, the rental charge already paid shall be withheld in full.